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09 June 2007 @ 08:33 pm
<lj-cut text="So this'll be separated by date/time. 'Cause I wrote that in! O=">

10:12 AM 02/06/07

So I'm on the bus now - finally. It was supposed to leave at 9, and we were told to get there early... and left about 42 minutes ago. Hate. Oh well. I found the address of the camp, though, and texted it to people. Can not wait to get up there. Met two people already, though, who are awesome - Cliff from Mowat (baritone) and Robyn from Leacock (trumpet). Also a few random people from various schools (Chris, Ray, Lauren, Laure - ANOTHER one, lol - and Kyle Kevin Kyle). I'm in cabin 29D. I <3 music nerds. Also, I find it funny that I went "Ew, being a bus parent"... and I've been helping Cliff and Robyn since I got there at 8. Also met Robyn's parents and laughed 'cause they're in the reserves and her Dad's learning French, which Robyn apparently hates. XD Anyway, gonna mainly use this book as a way to wind myself down. On bus =/= good time to wind down. So I'm gonna stop here. >.>;

10:45 AM 02/06/07

"... *wakes up* ...Fuck."
-me. JUST NOW. >_<;

10:12 PM 02/06/07

Okay, this has been SUCH a long day... but oh man, has it been fun. Also itchy. Very, very itchy. Mosquitos are just Mother Nature's revenge for raping her planet. But Jeff has some insect repellent he says he randomly found... works well. Oh, and Jeff would be my partner-counselor; he plays the viola, which is cool. He's really nice, a lot like me, and kind of complements what I can do nicely, I guess? He's teaching me to throw a basketball and a football, and I'm teaching him to canoe & kayak. Should be fun. Also, he likes to go for early-morning swims to wake up... win! Didn't get swim-tested today, though, which bugs me, but... meh. Made a crapload of friends, including a few on staff. Rod's the other counselor in our cabin, really funny British guy, good at keeping kids in line. Kind of... rough around the edges, I guess. Meh. Anyway, people in cabin are... Julian D, little black kid, forget what he plays... Yeah, I know what few kids play so far. >_>; Julian S plays flute, in my band, sitting next to me, though, so... yeah. Bryn plays the drums, and has a neat drum. He's... a character. But that's fine. Connor is the most flamboyant person I've ever met. Sebastian is a loudmouthed bassist. Alex is... kind of unremarkable. Max is just odd. Just... odd. James thinks he's Peter, who doesn't do or say much. And Brendon is kind of annoying, seems kind of homesick. Now, onto people I've met today! >.>;
- Robyn, whom I've mentioned already
- Cliff, same
- Difei, who is eerily like me...
- Chris, funny oboe player
- Laura, funny... instrument... player.
God. Too many. Time to list [name, instrument]! Ray, drums. Kyle Kevin Kyle, tenor. MITCH FROM BCYC, vocal/choir, Allen, flute, Julie?, flute, Lauren, strings of some sort, Corey, no clue, Eric, no clue, Michael Su, trumpet, Rebecca, flute... I think that's it. No, wait, Cindy[, trumpet,] and two other girls who were playing the ukelele and singing Beatles songs. Oooh, thunderstorm! WIN! IT WILL FINALLY COOL THE FUCK DOWN! So the cabins are nice...-ish. Bathroom & shower in the cabin, meaning no excuse for kids to go outside after bedtime - 30 minutes after lights out, which is ostensibly 9:15... >_>;;; Oh well. Yeah, I'll write more later. I'll text Iman/Vicky/Ryan/Amanda?/etc for a bit.

6:39 AM 03/06/07

... They ran out of and/or turned off the hot water. On the one hand, FULLY AWAKE. on the other, ow. >_<; Got up quickly thi morning, though, and awake campers are cooperating. But yeah, I think this week should be tons of fun. My finger really hurts, though. It's also interesting to wake up to so much... nature. I've gotten way too used to the city, I think. I'm gonna come again next year, since I'd imagine there'll be a few more Woburnites I can convince. Maybe Ryan/Iman, as well, 'cause there are people here from bands at the same level as hers. Today'll probably be the worst day up here; novelty is wearing off, and rehearsals will be ow. Lummy - his nickname, not mine - has twelve pieces he wants to get through... I think tomorrow? Not sure. Err, this morning. BRAIN NO WORKY. I looked for Ctrl + Z... >.>;;;; ANYWAY. Talked with Iman a lot yesterday - good 20-minute or so phone call - and Vicky last night after kids were asleep. Pfft, definitely not turning in my cell. I use it as an alarm clock! Apparently Vicky and Amanda already miss me a lot. And are mailing me stuff! I love my friends. XD So I've got no clue what to do with my campers between breakfast 7, which is when I tell them they're allowed to wake up, and breakfast at... well, flagpole at 7:45. I guess showers & general clean-up. As of tomorrow, though - hopefully - Jeff and I'll be swimming from 6:15 - 6:45 each morning. =D Anyway, gotta wake ze campers. (Ending journal entries is freaking bizarre. Especially when I know all of 'em will be read at once. Also, YAY COOLER.)

9:40 PM 03/06/07

This has been SUCH a long day. And I'm running on 4 hours' sleep with 0 caffeine in my body, along with annoying campers. I know everyone's names, now, & have things about everyone... Like Allen Song calls me Badoing, so I'm trying to mispronounce his name as badly as possible... ARGH SHUT UP. Need to go tell kids to stfu. An Jed now I'm outside due to thunderstorm generating noise. Do not envy Jeff, at ALL... He's outside right now. I'm lucky in that it's rained maybe three times today, and all at times when lots of people were outside getting caught in it... and I've been inside all three times. Once between Period II and lunch, during rec - was at Staff Wind Ensemble playing LEVEL 500 MUSIC WOAHMG SO HARD BUT FUN - once after the staff mini-concert - Mitch & Co. sang a Madrigal <3 - and I was at Staff Choir. We're singing O Nata Lux! I am SO happy. Also, Michael Su - Ryan's friend from school - is planning on joining BCYC since APPARENTLY he's going to York as a jazz vocalist! It's weird - we're becoming friends due to choir, mostly. XD He's really jealous 'cause I've got a huge range. =D Also, O Nata Lux OWNS.Oh man. It's like an easier, shorter, just as beautiful O Magnum. It is win. Also tenors only go up to a G. Other song is more random, including glissandos! =D And yeah. Did swim test, went kayaking & canoing, might be going for an early-morning swim... Ah well. I'm just really tired right now, and no one is texting ATM. So, I think I'll pass out now. =D

6:48 AM 04/06/07

Oh god, I need to remember NOT to go outside my cabin without bug spray... for ANY reason. Just went to see if Difei/Allen/other people were still wanting to swim right now to wake up, and... OW MY ARMS. AND MY NECK. AND SOMEHOW MY BACK. ;_; Stupid bugs. I got bitten like 3 dozen times with no exaggeration. T_T; And that's not including the ones that tried and I swatted first. But... oh well, lesson learned, I suppose. Also, I think I actually got my 8 hours' sleep. It's funny; my alarm is Eternal Harvest 'cause it's loud, busy, and long... and for the first couple minutes, I was still half-asleep, singing along. XD I'm actually not tired today. Huh. Weird. Anyway, today is master class, band, rec, lunch, band, ensembles, rec [practicing with flute ensemble] [... maybe], dinner, concert, then "cabaret". Gotta wake up campers.

12:06 PM 05/06/07

OH MY GOD SO FUCKING COLD. Dear LORD that is cold. Also, there's a bird's nest in our roof, a groundhog under our cabin, and ten loud campers between the two. Well, nine. Bryn's really helpful; he's quiet, listens, helps, and if someone breaks a rule, he'll tell me. So anyway, yesterday really only... three things of note happened. one, I'm in the staff orchestra... SO HARD, but SO GOOD. I had to re-write part of it down the octave to read it, though, and that's 'cause it's way the fuck up there... like, as in I still use a ledger line down the octave. Also, hate 16th-note runes. Anyway, two, we were to "dispose of" the confiscated food. Three guesses what the unanimous method of disposal was! =D Hint: Hershey's

6:32 AM 06/06/07

So I stopped the last entry mid-sentence 'cause my cabin was torturing a Mayfly to death. When I told them that it was horrible, Alex loudly said that they hurt really bad, and when I said they don't bite, he said that he'd said "look really big"... -_-; Anyway, gave us an easy way of knowing who was sweeping and mopping. Well, anyway... a group of us might be doing Frobisher Bay for the "soirée" thing on Thursday. If it works, it'll work SO well. And I might be getting a letter today! <3 Amanda. Oh, speaking of things in Toronto, lol at how everyone thinks Vicky and I are a couple. Also, I should have brought Danny Boy to work on, or my score for the Intrada... oh well. Next week is the last week of school, and I'm gonna be pretty much done on Monday, 'cause I'm almost done now. So we went swing dancing yesterday. That is a weird amount of fun. I can actually pull it off, though! =D Michael Su = dumbass. XD "Push your partner so they spin!" *Michael pushes Jessica into a wall* >_>;;; Also, when he got lost, he kinda acted like a caveman. XD So that was fun. I'm gaining inside jokes with a lot of people now. Like "OW! MY BOOB!" and "YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY NIPPLES!"... yeaaah. Weird, I know. But awesome as well! Means I now people. In-town night tonight... Nielson and I have plans to overload our bodies on Coca-cola. OD FTW! Speaking of (a different kind of) OD, I got off of On-Duty for tomorrow night, thank God, so I'm on station duty today instead. Man, I am so glad we got a space heater, or else last night would have been near-unbearable... Anyway, dozing 'til 7. Way too tired for my own good.

12:35 AM 07/06/07

Two Three Four major things.
- One, lol because Victoria Wong went "Can I take a picture of you? My friend told me to take pictures of hot white guys."
- Two, went into town, went to a restaurant with ACI people, got roped into a 'challenge'... I ate 20 REALLY FUCKING SPICY chicken wings - 3 POUNDS - and won a t-shirt for the pain. Also a lot of jokes.
- Three, I'm singing Lonesome Road for soirée. =D
- Four, I have a tan line halfway down the side of my arm... and a HUGE watch tan. It's bizarre. ANYWAY GOING TO BED ME TIRED NIGHT.

6:37 AM 07/06/07

Huh. I'm not really tired though I did just take a 15-20 minute steaming hot shower. I GOT IT TO GO ABOVE FREEZING AND NOT BE SCALDING! Also I've discovered remembered that my tans look like burns first couple days, then the red fades. Also, ARGH CLOGGED TOILET. Gotta walk like four-five minutes to get to one that, uh, I know the location of. >_>;;; YAY WEIRD ENTRY!

12:10 PM 07/06/07

I am so cold. But at the same time, yay warmer weather! Which is sad. Also, hooray maintenance fixed our toilet! S/F WE is awesome, really good. Also mental note: Ask about Sevens and Salish Song once I get back to Woburn. A bird flew into our window and died today. )= Nothing else has happened that I can think of. So YAY FOOD.

11:54 PM 08/06/07

Jeesus. SO much has happened.
- I should NOT have been in S/F Orch... DEFINITELY not good enough. Flute's my TERTIARY instrument! Oh well, that - plus SOLO - is done, over with, behind me, etc. I'll write more tomorrow.

6:53 AM 09/06/07

I am so tired. I've been up for an hour already, and breakfast isn't until 7:45... T_T; But yeah. Yesterday was a really long, hectic day. During master class, went to Leon & Kyle's cabin and chatted with Leon for an hour or so (Kyle fell asleep studying for a Spanish exam... >_>;;;) - that was kinda fun. Mostly because of bad graffiti. "I like moms especially yours" and the worst spelling of "awesomest" ever... I think it was "asowmest". Anyway, after lunch, we got caught in a rainstorm... which quickly became a thunderstorm... which ended up being a tornado warning. O_o; That was kind of fun to poke fun at. "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee --  wait why am I home." And I started talking with Naomi, and we have a crapload in common... and yeah, the expected ended up happening. So we were walking around talking until dinner, then before staff concert - asdfjkjafds;l LOVE SEVENS. Also I laugh 'cause I wrote that out /nerd - and afterwards at the 'dance' where we walked around lesser-known areas of camp. And we were coming back from the point on the cliff - SUCH A NICE VIEW AND I HAD NO CAMERA AND I AM ANNOYED - and she said "Andrew... I've got something to tell you... I--" and with PERFECT TIMING, some stepped out of the woods and interrupted. So when I wormed it out of her... She's got a boyfriend. She really pissed at herself for leading me on, aand kept calling herself a bitch, etc... I dunno. I guess some guys would be pissed? She seemed surprised I didn't yell at her. I was disappointed, obviously, but... hey, we'll at least be great friends. Anyway, yeah. This week's been so freaking long, but amazing. I'm already looking forward to next year. (Despite the fact that I may or may not be hung over the first day. >_>;;; YAY PROM!) So this'll be going on LJ when I get home. After I add everyone on FB and make an MBTL 07 group. >.>;;;</lj-cut>
19 November 2006 @ 10:39 pm
This makes my brain hurt. ;_;

Read more...Collapse )
10 October 2006 @ 03:30 am
Read more...Collapse )
04 October 2006 @ 05:39 pm
Tell me what you honestly think of me: the good, the bad and the ugly. Even if we don't talk much or we've drifted apart or we just met, surely you must have an opinion on me? Whether you love me or hate me or you're somewhere in between, just tell me what you honestly think of me. Be blunt. Anonymous commenting is enabled and IP logging is disabled if you choose to use such options.

Man, I took a while to figure out how to disable IP logging, then realized I don't normally! *f[l]ails*

Also, I'd obviously prefer if you left your name, but yeah. =P
26 September 2006 @ 06:06 pm
Post this in an entry and have your friends tell you how they met you (community, other friend, etc.), what were their first impression on you (interesting, intimidated, etc.), how they feel about you now.
31 August 2006 @ 07:12 pm
... You may have noticed I've upgraded to the Plus acount level. <_< If you don't like the ads, get the NoScript extension for Mozilla Firefox, which I'd suggest anyways. =P Just leave anything you don't recgonize and that isn't LJ.com blocked. I felt like getting mroe userpics. O:
21 August 2006 @ 09:08 am
Gone to grandparents'! Be back Friday, but then I'm out all day Friday. So... be back Saturday, I guess! XD
10 August 2006 @ 10:21 pm
I joined a community for fanfic things, sort of. 100_situations =P And this is the table of word prompts. Mine are around Simon/Kaylee. <3

TableCollapse )

I'm gonna post them there and jsut link to them here, since that seems easier for me. Plus Iman wouldn't read them anyways so her complaint about following another link doesn't mean much.

[Note: Last five were 'Writer's Choice'. I got Alex to give me 5 random numbers, since I like the prompts. =P]
09 August 2006 @ 07:58 pm
Yeah, I'm a nerd. Who likes Animorphs. =P This is just me being "funny".

What Can I Do You For?Collapse )
09 August 2006 @ 04:32 pm
Stuart really needs to learn that we're not his bloody slaves. He just stormed into his room becuase I wouldn't go buy him pop. His argument was that I was just being lazy.

I used to wonder where my hatred of hypocrisy came from...